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The Serenity Sangha Online Community & Courses

Meditation Instructor

Buddhist Practitioner (lay)

Dharma Teacher • Wellbeing Mentor

*Certified Mental Health First Aider

*Approved By The Association For Spiritual Integrity

* Certified Community Manager

Mark's primary focus and experience have been in awareness, mindfulness meditation, breathing practices and vipassana. Over many, many years of almost daily practice, he has built a solid foundation of 'personal practice', which he shares with others via his classes. 

 He is widely travelled through Central Asia, Asia Pacific and the Far East. This has given him expansive cultural awareness and experience on the way he has worked with various teachers. Currently, Mark is an actively practising Buddhist, encompassing the principles of wisdom and compassion; in addition to mindfulness meditation, Mark is an active practitioner and Teacher of Zen-style meditation and tantra, which he engages as wellness and peace of mind modality, fostering kindness and well-being on the way.

For many years now, Mark has chosen a non-denominational faith path, free from association with others. His life goal is simply to serve others. yet his principles orbit that of engaged Buddhisim

Engaged Buddhism is a modern movement within Buddhism that emphasizes the integration of Buddhist teachings with social and environmental action. It originated in Asia in the mid-twentieth century and has since spread throughout the world. 

Engaged Buddhists believe that spiritual practice and social and environmental action are deeply interconnected and that Buddhist principles and practices can be applied to address social and environmental issues. 

Engaged Buddhism seeks to alleviate suffering in the world by promoting compassion, wisdom, and interdependence. It emphasises the importance of mindfulness, ethical conduct, and social responsibility.

Mark works with many people, using differing mindfulness and meditation practices for wellness and wellbeing. Mark is keen to see others reach their fullest life potential so that they might help others. Mark also holds regular weekly classes, retreats and training events online and in person.